As an avid consumer of all things tech and media related, falling into the role of web generalist came in a fairly serendipitous way. 1549298_10152216577102932_1419543334_n

While in Journalism school at Kent State University, I had a job doing web content prep for the student newspaper The Daily Kent Stater.

The buzz of a newsroom was great, but seeing the instant feedback and ability to break news online immediately drew me in; this was in the infancy of Facebook, and before Twitter, so while hard to believe, it was all fresh! This job quickly set into motion my love for the instant gratification and open nature of online news.

With guidance from colleagues and teachers, I was able to diversify my skills to include both the usual inverted pyramid, grammar, spelling and punctuation taught in J-school with a wide swath of online technologies, design and web development skills.

After college I settled down with a local newspaper outfit, where I was a one-man show in the IT and web departments. While being a lot of responsibility and long nights, this taught me a great deal about being flexible and adapting to any situation quickly.

From there, I’ve honed my skills via freelancing and working at startups. This drove home the “adapt or die” ethos that I feel is a versatile skill to stay on top of the ever-changing tech landscape.

Whichever emerging technology is next, I’m confident that I have a skillset well-equipped to handle it.

On a personal note: I’m into bicycles, food (healthy and not – see pizza), cats and camping.