My name is John Proppe and I'm a marketing technologist and web generalist from Cleveland, OH.

Things I like:

  • • Front-end development with PHP, Javascript and Jquery
  • • WordPress development—fully-custom themes, actions, filters, plugin development—no problem!
  • • SEO-optimized content creation. I'm not your everyday content farmer—I provide properly keyword-targeted content and have the skills to create rich media to accompany it. I follow content through every step of its life cycle, with the end goal of conversions in mind.
  • • KPI and conversion tracking with Google Analytics / Tag Manager
  • • Display advertising management with Google AdSense / Adwords

  • With a journalism background and experience in both IT and web development, I can wear many tech-related hats and love to do so.

    Take a look at my portfolio below, and if you like what you see, get ahold of me and let's work together!

Featured Projects

  • metrohealth-300x200

    The MetroHealth System

  • medaboutyou2-300x200

    Med About You 2

  • cleveland-velodrome-300x200

    Cleveland Velodrome

  • bainbridge-editions-300x200

    Bainbridge Editions

  • cyclocross-magazine-300x200

    Cyclocross Magazine

  • the-post-newspapers-300x200

    The Post Newspapers

  • extraweave-usa-300x200

    Extra Weave USA